Wind Power Minigen

There are few commercially available wind power harnessing minigenerators for home use. You could buy basic wind turbine kit. Here is the principle of wind power minigen.

The head pivot point and rotor shaft center are offset. The extent of the offset is determined by the diameter of the rotor. When the wind exerts itself against the rotor ( Rotor Thrust ) it wants to turn because of the offset head. The angle of the tail mount and weight of the tail determine the amount of resistance there is to this turning. The system is very similar to the "caster" angle used in automobiles, when you turn the wheel to the left or right, one side tends to lift the car. When you let go of the steering wheel the weight of the car tries to bring the wheels straight again. This is the same basics this wind turbine uses. The angles and weight are calculated to adjust the furling to any windspeed.

The Rotor thrust can be calculated by using the following formula.

Rotor Thrust = Diameter^2 * Velocity^2 / 24

Rotor thrust is in kg - to convert to lbs multiply kg by 2.2

To Calculate the tail weight or to find the tail mount angle, we need:

Rotor Offset ( meters )

Diameter of Rotor ( meters )

Wind Speed ( meters/second )

Tail tip weight ( kg )

Length of tail ( meters )

Then we need to calculate....

Rotor Thrust = Dia of Rotor^2 * Windspeed^2 / 24

Tail moment = Tail tip weight * Length of tail

Rotor moment = Rotor Thrust * Rotor offset

Tail mount Angle = sin-1(Rotor moment / Tail moment)

If you need to find the Tail tip weight at a given tailmount angle then...

Tail moment = Rotor moment / ( sin(Angle in degrees))

Tail Weight = Tail moment / Length of tail










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