Solar Power Policy Reform

We at Alternateformsofenergy propose following national goal on solar power generation on homeowner and small business owner levels. There needs to be a national level urgent need to solar power generation for national security reasons, job generation, and long term prosperity of the country.

We propose setting up a national level Solar power cooperative with only mission is to help every home and business install a solar power generation system in their property. We would recommend following urguent step be implmented

  1. Set up a national level best practice solar installation guide (handbook). This guide needs to contain:
  • Based on square footage, elevation, locality what is the best solar power system based on homeowners out of pocket cost. The solar power system can be simple battery energy storing system to grid power generation system.
  • Grid power producing systems with also listed with property footage, elevation, and locality. Property owner should have a website similar to laptop manifactures website where user can pick and chose which items to upgrade depend on their invidual out of pocket costs and benefits.
  • This guide needs to contain wiring and individual component diagrams. Need to contain installation how to's and installation pitfalls.
  • Source selection for this national best practice system should be based on costs and US manificaturing where at least the individual components are assembled in the USA. This will promote entire manifacturing and job base to support US solar transformation.
  • The installation system needs to be easly upgradable that allows the property owner to expands as they realize the savings.
  • The wiring systems and invididual componets needs to be easily swaped and easily maintained at little or no cost to the home owner.
  • Solar power system needs to contain recommended appliance and electric equipment that can connect.
  • Reliability and durability of the system needs to high while still maintaining a least cost effective system.
  1. Cooperative need to help individual users with national code compliance at little or no cost to the home or business property owner.
  2. Cooperative needs to provide initial loans that will cover installation costs until the rebates are processed. We see the upfront cost is a huge hinderance for solar tranformation prelavent use. Average use does not have savings to put down thousands until the rebates and tax brakes come tricking down. This cooperative automatically process the federal and local government rebates and claim its' loan back without ever the home owner getting involved. This makes the process very transparent and keep out of the property owner ever getting involved and makes the property owners solar installation process clear and simple.
  3. Cooperative will license and register individual local solar installors and contractors that will handle this job. This process will generator local jobs that will benefit directly local economies.
  4. Cooperative will continously update best practice systems based on new and emerging techonologies such as highly efficient solar panels, long lasting batteries, highly efficient controllers and other electronics. Every bit of emerging and provent technologies helps to keep this transformation in cutting edge.
  5. Cooperative needs to help new home builders to install mandatory solar system based on price of home where high price homes needs to install a grid power systems and low price home needs to install a battery solar storage system.
  6. Cooperative will give and overse grants to Universities and Institutions to research next generation of highly efficient (solar panels that generate power in Ultraviolet and Infrared wavelengths for power generation during night time) and cost effective solar power panels, long lasting and efficient battery technology, and efficient electronics design. There emerging technologies such as solar paint where entire outside structure can act as solar panel for power generation which looks very promissing.
  7. Cooperative will be given the task with setting up national solar power training and installation guide.
  8. It is very important for the cooperative to put out public service and awareness campaigns (social media and Television media) to get people exicited about it. Awareness campaigns needs to about the money savings and possible money generation users will see based on solar system installed.

We cannot stress local and federal government's importance of implementing a national policy in solar power policy reform. If setting up a national cooperative is unable due to similar political fallout we have seen in the healthcare reform bill we could recommend assigning DOD division in implenting the cooperative task listed above. There needs to be a federal law implement that require every new home and property construction to come with some form of solar power system that meets the guidelines setup by the cooperative above.


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