How to Build Solar Panels for Power in Homes

Learn how Dave here installed two 80 Watt panels to power a small home build without expensive. Each panel 5.3 A peak at 10 A total. It is connected to a Sky Blue with Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controller about $180 is very power efficient. Which in turn is connected to a Try metric 20/20 monitor for all health of battery system and power in solar panels. Charge controller is connected to 4 batter with 440 Amp-hours. Battery bank is connected to 1000 Watt inverter. This is good enough for 19" TV, coffe maker, blender, etc. However the 1000 Watt inverter is not strong enough to run vacume cleaner where he might need a powerful inverter. He also has a power converter in case his Solar powered battery storage system run out of power such as during a cloudy or rainy day with little or no sun around uses a 2A Die hard battery charge to charge the.

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This video is about how to build solar panels for power in homes.

Legal disclaimer: this system is installed without proper government inspection for meeting code use it at our own risk.

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