How a Get Geothermal Energy To Power Your House ?

How a Get Geothermal Energy to Power Your House?

For home and residential use the without a hot steam source the viable geothermal power plant is Binary cycle geothermal power generation plants. Binary cycle geothermal power plant differ from Dry Steam and Flash Steam systems in that the water or steam from the geothermal reservoir never comes in contact with the turbine/generator units.

Most geothermal areas contain moderate-temperature water (below 400°F). There are instances of energy extract from fluid for temperatures below 200°F. Energy is extracted from these fluids in binary-cycle power plants. Hot geothermal fluid and a secondary (hence, "binary") fluid with a much lower boiling point than water pass through a heat exchanger. Heat from the geothermal fluid causes the secondary fluid to flash to vapor, which then drives the turbines. Because this is a closed-loop system, virtually nothing is emitted to the atmosphere.

Illustration of a Binary Cycle Power Plant - Illustration of a binary-cycle power plant.  Geothermal hot water comes up from the reservoir through a production well.  The hot water passes by a heat exchanger that is connected to a tank containing a secondary hydrocarbon fluid.  The hot water heats the fluid, which turns to vapor.  The vapor spins a turbine, which in turn spins a generator that creates electricity.  The hot water continues back into the reservoir via an injection well.  This closed-loop system produces no emissions.




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