Geothermal Energy as a Fuel Supply

Geothermal Energy as a Fuel Supply

alternate-forms-of-energy-geothermal-power-plan Geothermal power is the energy generated by the heat stored undergound. As of 2007, only 1% world energy comes from this source.

Primary advantage of Geothermal energy over fossil fuel sources is no purchase of fuel. Also from a environment standpoint emission are small. Since heat extraced is small compared to the size of the reservior harnessing Geothermal for electricity is sustainable. Additionally, geothermal power plants are unaffected by changing weather conditions. Geothermal power plants work continuously, day and night making them very reliable. Geothermal energy is extremly price competitive and and reduces reliance of fosil fuels and inherit price predictability. Geothermal power is scalable such that smaller power plants can power remote villages and larger power plants can power entire cities.


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