Problems With Current Biofuels Policies?

Current Biofuel policies significantly fuel the "food vs fuel" international debate. Currently world policies of using human food producing crop land that produce corn, sugar cane, sugar beet, or soybean for exclusivly to produce biofuel is irresponsible. This creates a world food shortage that drive food prices worldwide that forces world's poor to go hungry. Biofuel should only be produce from land that cannot grow human consumption crop lands. Oil for biofuel production plants such as Jatropha can be produced from mash and desert like lands where other human edibale crops cannot grow. Also Jathropha plant is promising that it produces more yield per ton of Jathropha seeds than corn or sugar cane.

With more land allocated for biofuel production there are significant rise in deforestation, soil erosion, and impact on water resources. There are growing concern in Amazon that more land are deforested in an alarming rate than ever due to high energy prices driven economic insentives.


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